Lake Ouachita is Arkansas largest lake lying 10 milesĀ Arial view of Beautiful Lake OuachitaWest of Hot Springs on Hwy 270. It covers 31 square miles with 1000 miles of shore line. It’s surrounded by the green hillsides of the Ouachita National Forrest and is rated by the EPA as one of the cleanest lakes in the nation. Visibility ranges from 6 to 8 feet on the West end of the lake in the mountain Harbor area to a pristine 15 to 20 foot of visibility in the central portions of the lake in the Brady Mountain Resort area. Those visibility’s of course vary from year to year but are a realistic average. Those are also above the thermocline. Once you go through the thermocline ( anywhere from 16 to 25 feet deep year to year ) you’ll change from a surface temp of up to 90 to 70 degree at the thermocline and then 6 inches deeper it’s 55 degrees and progressively cooler the deeper you go. While it gets cooler it also gets much clearer, up to 40 feet at times of horizontal visibility. Standing on the bottom at 50 feet divers have at times been able to look up and see the boat hull. The lake carries a number of species of freshwater fish ( all legal for spear fishing June15 through March 15 ) Bass, Crappie, Walleye, White & Striped Bass, Catfish, Bream and assortment of rough fish. Nonresident 3 day fishing license is in the$16.00 range and 7 Days is about $25.00 (2019 rates). There are several marinas and campgrounds available on the south shore of Lake Ouachita, so whether you want to rough it in a sleeping bag or go all the way up to a motor home there will be a space for you. If you prefer you can rent a mobile home, cabin, or condo at some of the areas. Click here for more information on lodging at Brady Mountain Resort. Boat rentals–from skiffs to ski boats to party barges to sailboats or even houseboats–are all available. Come and see nature at its finest. Come to Lake Ouachita!

Here you can read a nice article about Lake Ouachita from Dive Training Magazine. It features a Photo of Steve and Howard diving one of our spectacular sites.