Lake Ouachita water level rises and falls based upon amount of rainfall and rate at which Blakely Mountain Dam is generating electricity.

Normal summer pool elevation varies but is typically near 575′ – 578′.  The highest the water has been was Dec 1982 when the lake reached 591.2. ( just .8 of a foot short of going through the spillway)

At 578 feet, 40,100 acres is covered by the lake and creating 690 miles of shoreline

At 592 feet, 48,300 acres is covered by the lake and creating 975 miles of shoreline.

Since the bulk of the lake is fully forested with virgin 60′ tall trees, it’s important to know the water level before you go out and hunt your favorite brush pile or dive site. The Corp of Engineers has a river gauge on the dam to allow you to monitor the current water levels on Lake Ouachita. Here is another site that shows a comparison of the past 3 years in graphic form.