New Mares BCD’S

If you were as disapointed as i was when the Mares Air Trim BC’s were discontinued, you’ll be very pleased to hear that we now have the new Mares Guardian and Grace (the lady’s version) Ergotrim BC in stock. Both versions have a inflator hose (the large corrugated hose) like most BC’s have, the difference is in the inflator mechanism on the end of the hose and in the positioning. The inflator on the Ergotrim has a toggle switch allowing for one hand inflation or deflation of the BC. No more lifting the hose to dump air, just toggle the switch to open the dump valve and toggle the other way to add air. Instead of the inflator hose coming over the left shoulder and hanging down on the left side, it comes off the back side and runs under the arm and clips down on the lower left. By cliping down its not flopping around and difficult to find, its always fixed in the same easy to locate spot. If you ever need to orally inflate the BC you can unclip the hose to lift it up so you can orally inflate and then just place it back into the clip. Come by Scuba And Archery Center today and see for yourself what makes this a great BCD.