Scuba And Archery Center announces closure of its Lake Ouachita Dive Center location.

It is with great sadness that i made the decision to close down Lake Ouachita Dive Center in March of this year. The increasing cost of doing business and the loss of revenue that never bounced back from the recession for lake business mandated the change. I first and foremost am a diver just like you and i know the difficulty this will present for air fills on the lake. Currently i’m aware of only one air station remaining on the lake and that’s at Mountain Harbor. Crystal Springs Resorts compressor went down midyear last year and while there is talk of replacing it, as of this date it has not done so. Brady Mountain Resort itself is also talking of installing a compressor of their own but again, has not done so yet. It would be my suggestion that if you dive much you may want to get another tank or two to avoid having to burn time and fuel to go all the way to Mountain Harbor or back to town to refill. When all the Scuba businesses in the state ask that you buy local and support your local dive center its to avoid situations like this. Its very difficult to hook a tank up to a internet portal for a refill.

We still enjoy a good relationship with Brady Mountain Resort and will continue to hold our annual Spearfishing Tournament there. The only difference being the tokens will be picked up at the gas docks there instead of the dive center. Subject to approval from the Corps of Engineers, this years tournament will be on June, 15th,2019. Once i receive approval i will post again making it official.

Scuba And Archery Center remains in business and we anticipate being even busier there with this closure. If you have any questions or if we can help you plan your diving in any way please feel free to contact us.


Steve Spivey